Carbon Footprint Ltd. is the company whose Carbon Offsetting Calculator and Offsetting Programs PET has chosen to use.

carbon offset program

we decrease; you?

According to they are one of the top3 carbon offset companies in the UK. For the more technical among you, here below is the “standard” that underpins PETs chosen service.


What is it?

  • An internationally recognised standard for demonstrating low carbon credentials.
  • Unified and independent method to manage carbon and energy.
  • Recognises all stages of carbon management – from assessment, to carbon reductions and carbon neutrality.
  • Applicable to organisations, businesses, products, projects, services and events.
  • Aligned with international best practice / standards.


What are the advantages of using it?

  • Manage your carbon & energy effectively and save operational costs and limit environmental impact.
  • Demonstrate environmental credentials and enhance market reputation.
  • Meet increasingly strict supply chain needs & tender requirements.
  • Positive PR and create marketing opportunities while motivating associates, forward thinking customers, shareholders & other stakeholders.

Who cares wins

See here for their technical brief.