Great News on the CARBON OFFSETTING front!

These last years have been hard on our Community’s offsetting results: for whatever reason — and we’d LOVE to know what these are[mfn]use the comment box below please![/mfn] — less and less offsets have been purchased, while lockdown-life (eg. home heating, lighting and shopping car/bus costs) has simply gone on, if not increased home costs…

A request was sent a month or two ago to the Findhorn Wind Park if they would support PETs payment of its 2021 annual carbon offsetting license fee, given that PET hasn’t been put in a position to do so with the receipts of fy 2020&21:

We are happy to announce that this wonderful Community Business has agreed!

As our Climate Conscious Chair wrote to PETters last week, “FWP’s ‘surplus’ gift will be awarded to PET (up to £400).” They make funds available when there has been surplus energy production. “Vive the FWP!” he ended in jubilant holiday mood yesterday.

Herewith we celebrate this fantastic example of “collaborative mind and action, a reaching out across our boundaries to create wholeness” in the words of David Spangler. (A pretty neat definition for “Life” in my view!)

A huge thank you to FWP!

And now over to Ecovillage Community members & Findhorn Ecovillage supporters wherever we are, to do the right/exemplary thing and clean up our own carbon rich atmospheric emissions.

whole FEC purpose 2019

You can carbon offset here. And do also tell your family, friends, employers, business partners, acquaintances about the global possibilities of this PET service.

Oh, and regarding the right motivation to offset carbon equivalent emissions, required by a

… a conscious community, […which] strive[s] to demonstrate a practical spirituality in harmony with nature, and play our part to positively transform humanity and the earth.

The purpose of the whole Community is to be a place of inspiration and transformation – a centre of love and light, a centre of fiery hope. We hold a positive vision for humanity and the Earth, a commitment to deep and practical spirituality and to true ecology – caring for each other and caring for our planet. We seek to raise awareness individually and collectively in our day-to-day activities and radiate this out into the world. We hold a deep longing for humanity to live in peace and with gratitude and respect for the natural world.

Findhorn Ecovillage Whole Community Purpose statement ©2019

If what doesn’t get you going is “love your neighbour [entity/gaia community] as yourself,” then perhaps ponder some advice I recently heard: “if you really want something in your life eg. peace, love, joy, then you have to first give the same to others.” Success to us all!!

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