How’s this for coincidence, in light of the previous posts on glocal interrelationships, PETs carbon offset strategy for emitters here in Scotland: an article came out mid July about more needed farming support for India, via among other things more, clean & cheaper energy. This is one of PETs 4 non-UK offset projects!

The meaningful reform of India’s agricultural sector will require a comprehensive package of measures, to address not just how food is sold but also the entire supply chain, from production to processing to distribution. Solutions must balance multiple interests: food security for the nation, fair returns for producers, growth prospects for the private sector, and the creation of new employment opportunities in rural India. And all of these goals need to be met while the productivity of the land is maintained and sustainability within the system is ensured. State and private players will both have a major role to play.

Though reforms since Indian Independence have made India self-sufficient in grains, 14% of its population is currently undernourished and there’s still widespread anemia among women of reproductive age and stunting in children. Furthermore newly instated market deregulation in this sector has added to the already intense pressures between smallholders and corporate buyers&government supervisory agencies.


because you’re investing in countries (and by extension economic sectors) that offer social&economic benefits vital to a more equitable GLOBAL quality of life. Recognise also that PETs carbon projects give colleague Beings that power to which we say we aspire:

whole FEC purpose 2019

And Giving Real Benefits To Others is, according to Universal Wisdom, the most effective way to manifest our own righteous wishes.

Of course buying these offsets means not supporting UK projects. But every educated, non-protectionist 1stWorlder knows the heavy ecological & societal[mfn]justice&peace; think of who gained from many/most of British Empire wars waged since the 1750s[/mfn] costs still being paid by all the planet’s entities because of the Industrial (steam, science&mass production) and Digital Revolutions… Given that our resulting finite carbon lifestyle HAS to evolve, the only choice our expensive affluence leaves us with is when we finally decide to make the visible = real lifestyle change!

Such overpowering problems as mentioned in the Indian farming article may seem unresolvable; but UK agriculture went through the same process in its own near past. And any well intentioned support from today’s  400+ relatively rich Park Ecovillage, Findhornmembers & supporters to their much more numerous & less fortunate fellows, IS a powerful step towards manifesting our Whole Purpose: Heaven on Earth, ie. global peace and harmony![mfn]check out this wealth inequality graph. Imagine if the G7’s annual “public safety” budget & HResources were now redirected into innovative functional, adaptable & sustainable solutions for pragmatic poverty alleviation in their own countries…[/mfn]

As the Lorian writes: “Right now we are better at imagining our doom and disconnection than we are at imagining possibilities. But the future literally depends on our imaginations to help us learn to re-create wholeness and partner with the process of renewal. This is not only about imagining our future or imagining what our society might look like in the years ahead. It is an essential imagination about ourselves.”  It is loss of self respect that causes, even unintentionally, the spread pain & hurt. Despite regular setbacks and failures it is only our own Love’s STRENGTH in action that can truly make change happen– always first from within ourselves. It is in this light, today, that we are being invited to take up the double challenge of carbon self-reS/Volution and 2&3rd world ecological/-nomic support…