Summer’s here, yaay! Possibly less “yaay!” if you’re worried about it being bikini/speedo time again…  Putting it rather plastically: so above so below ; so within so without ; so mind so matter ; &c.  What we put in we get out…

But look on the bright side: in spirit terms we are one&all perfectly formed and one&all made in the divine image . And on the physical plane there do exist simple (and inexpen$ive) ways that allow us if we want, to re-align our bodies and our minds (=beliefs+ thoughts+ words+ deeds), with our naturally harmonious, unique spiritual nature. Remember the manifestation process according to Edgar Cayce: “As you contemplate, as you meditate, as you look upon the Mind, know the Mind has many windows. And as you look out of your inner self, know where you are looking, [where] you are seeking. What is your ideal? What would you have your mind-body to become?” [reading 262-78]

Here’s one such interesting path with lots of practical tips from a subject scientific expert. On a pragmatic level too, organisational change/business-philosophy principles can be inferred from this video’s info:

And here’s also a fantastic UK resource for quality info on the general topic of “Health” & ‘Diet”.