We’ve been talking about the New Normal since the first statistical decreases in this pandemic’s infections/hospitalisations/deaths. “Enough talking,” say I. Surely for Findhorn Ecovillagers and their supporters the “New Normal” can’t really be called cutting edge any more… Heck, if you’re having difficulty doing the New Normal[mfn] I’m thinking of Eileen&the Founders; her still, small voice[/mfn]

wholeness=heart+mind; the arrow points to the (tiny ‘s’) “self” sacrifice required to put “Others” first.

then perhaps it’s too late ?

As I still hear people asking, “What can I do in practice; where do I start?” here are a few ideas linked to three words: CARE in action.

(1) Invest enough time to really let Sir David Attenborough’s 2020 documentary “Extinction–the facts” sink in. The major point being made is that, in the final analysis, my every consumption choice is directly linked to the quality of the “Circle of Life” for everyone else–GHGs, biodiversity, climate, water, food, &c.. For better or worse, I choose to either be selfish or be a responsible, loving being “for all seasons.” Here’s a taster:


(2) Choose to go through–with or without your housemates–the following list of activities compiled by our carbon offsetting partner CarbonFootprint Ltd. (attached below), and simply do the ones you can. Many are no-brainers/all-hearters…

(2.1) Get linked to CFP’s twitter account which’ll send you these tips automatically every week: https://twitter.com/carbonacademy. A pretty useful tool if you feel you’re close to info-overload…[vertical-spacer]

(3) My third suggestion is to get out into your family/neighbourhood/community and look & see & find[mfn]remember it’s FINDhorn not SEARCHorn[/mfn] obvious quality-enhancing things you can MAKE RIGHT: resolving what crosses YOUR PATH immediately. That means making a practical — and however small — difference, immediately, in your world, in every ‘right now’; practising random acts of beauty and kindness for the benefit of other people and the bits of this planet’s Nature where you are spending your time. It’s fun & feels good & is positively infectious. You can do it easily & successfully on your own & with a team. This selfless practice is a main foundation of the ongoing expansiveness of natural/organic Life–having neither angle nor personal agenda. Let intelligent, civilised humanity selflessly join forces with the still not-fully-understood Nature, to do the right thing and simply enjoy putting Life-affirming care into action.