Using cutting-edge global elevation and population data, scientists have applied different scenarios of global warming to see where communities are most vulnerable within the next 200 to 2,000 years.[mfn]A previous look at this subject in Europe was called the Atlantis Project 2014. Click here to see Atlantis’ results[/mfn]

Fifty major cities, mostly in Asia, would need to mount “globally unprecedented defenses” to survive, they found, while many small island nations face near-total loss of their land.

Climate Central’s new research was released a little before COP26 in Glasgow. Shock tactics? Surely, but the Glasgow Conference is widely viewed as the world’s “best last chance” to halt runaway climate change.


Check out the findings, and perhaps consider offsetting some of your more “really necessary” carbon emissions, and/or make some more, permanent, lifestyle changes to ensure a better world — for our kids’ sake & friends & community acquaintances…

Here’s the paper (online).