Happy Birthday Findhorn Foundation & Community for the 17th! May you continue to shine forth the brightest of lights for long years to come!!

Here’s a beautifully written, balanced and comprehensive short read. In me it inspired faith in my/your ability to affect positive change, hope going forward in the collective effectiveness of our many individual actions. And I also “inhaled” that expansive spiritual energy, the charity at the core of the consciousness at play in our time&space, much bigger than which emanates from purely ratio-concepts & -inventions.

All the environment-sparing inventions and solutions conceived through our mind & senses surely are impressive; but if they are not designed and used for the love and greater glory of all beings and our planet (and please not out of fear or desperation), they will still lack a multiplying & amplifying ingredient and energy so especially vital in VUCA[mfn]https://t2informatik.de/en/smartpedia/vuca/ [/mfn] times.

Neurologist Victor Frankl postulated that man’s search for meaning is the primary motivation in his life and not a “secondary rationalisation” of instinctual drives.

Meaning serves a number of important functions. Firstly it provides a purpose for our lives. Secondly, it furnishes values or standards by which to judge our actions. Thirdly it gives us a sense of control over the events in our life, and lastly, it provides us with self-worth.

So it is with the meaning behind our human inventions: are they designed first and foremost to deliver some personal/group advantage, or rather to leave the world in a better state than we experienced it? Successful results of either type will surely differ in degree of effectiveness…[mfn]And going for both simultaneously is rationally impossible, as only going for the latter will achieve the former–though my definition of success will need to be measured more selflessly…[/mfn]findhorn foundation common ground intro essence

Hence the highly important “lighthouse function” of the Findhorn Foundation Community’s — ie. its individual residents’ and supporters’ — CARE in action; their collected practices of the 7Essences behind the 3Principles. May I/ you/we shine brightly!!!