During this 4thWave vaccinated Vs. unvaccinated[mfn]breakthrough-case statistics: where are they? Governments & the media are strangely quiet on the subject, while free movement choices for the now statistical minority of not-infected-by-people/vaccines are being limited in favour of majority-economic-mitigation (maximising VAT, Income Tax, Corporation Tax, &c.; minimising NHScosts, Unemployment Benefit, and growing production & manufacturing quota losses, &c.)…[/mfn] November, there’s “positive” news about the first official medical case of “Climate Change.” So what!?

After NZ disallowed climate change as a valid asylum argument for a Karibati family, the fact that Shell (the soon to be “ex Royal Dutch” global energy conglomerate and Unilever’s new UK-based sibling) was officially ordered by a Netherlands court to align its businesses there to the Paris Agreement was pretty amazing. And equally amazing to me is this Canadian doctor! It got me thinking about what the Medical Establishment is currently saying on the subject.

Kindly check out the 2.5page executive summary of the 2021 Lancet Report on Health&Climate Change (⬅️downloadable,⬇️readable; it’s a ‘Lancet public access paper’) to know more. Nothing revolutionary in it perhaps, but it’s the first public statement I have seen from the scientific community, giving an idea of where (these) practitioners are generally positioned.

As critical patients — the adjective is meant in the most positive/intelligent sense — we can use our knowledge to better co-determine our personal healthy responses to the challenging choices we face today.

Health[mfn]according to Health Canada is determined by: Income and social status, Social support networks, Education and literacy, Employment/working conditions, Social environments, Physical environments, Personal health practices and coping skills (eg food…), Healthy child development, Biology and genetic endowment, Health services, Gender and Culture.[/mfn] is interconnected, just as the scientific planetary domains are. So instead of ignoring this immutable fact for whatever valid reason, let’s all get out there — full of care — to truly & deeply INTERRELATE in action ☮️ ✌️   with neighbours, (NFA/wider) community (& PET!!!) and our planet by giving & getting support and Love in action!

Happy Thanksgiving to all, for all the awareness deepening opportunities we’ve been/are being given this year.

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In ACTION, take care…