Peter Caddy would be celebrating his 105th birthday on the 20th of March ! And in 2022 that’s also the date of the Equinox![mfn]write Lorian’s Freya Secrest & Lucinda Herring, “the term ‘Equinox” is derived from aequus (equal) and nox (night). At the time of the Spring and Fall Equinox, day and night, light and dark are balanced and of approximately equal duration all over the planet. The Equinox marks a moment of Threshold, Balance and Pause, when the tilt of the planet in its orbit means that the sun’s rays fall in a horizontal line along the earth’s equator.”[/mfn] It’s therefore a right good time to renew our acquaintance with the masculine energy foundation of the Findhorn Community.

Here’s an interview with him from September 1983 with The Sun.go for it- live what you believe

SUN: In working with Findhorn and looking at other communities, what do you find keeps them together and what pulls them apart? Are there any general things you find that help communities stay together, any ingredients that are needed?

CADDY: Love is what keeps a couple together and also a community — the bond of love always balanced with light and discipline. You need the two, a balancing of the energies of light and love. I think many communities fail in the early stages, particularly in the United States, due to a lack of leadership. Leadership is half a dirty word these days and people want to do everything by consensus right from the start. That does not work in my experience. Leadership is needed to begin and then gradually it can be handed over to groups and group process.

SUN: Did your own role as a leader in Findhorn change from an initial strong, authoritarian stance?

CADDY: Oh yes. It needed very strong leadership in the beginning, sometimes even bulldozing of opposition. We were right on the spearhead, a place which meets a lot of opposition. When you know full well that something is right, that it’s in the divine plan, you need to be quite impervious to criticism and opposition and just go for it. I couldn’t have done that without the confirmation and support of Eileen’s inner guidance.

SUN: So the leadership of Findhorn was the outwardness of your leadership and the inwardness of hers.

CADDY: That’s right. It was separated out; I had masculine energies and Eileen had feminine. It was a balance of light and love, of mind and heart, intellect and intuition, action and being, left side and right side of the brain. We complemented each other, together making a whole. That was needed to start Findhorn. 

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Enjoy today and may (Y)OUR balance be inspired during the rest of this year, especially now the spiritual Community and Foundation are reopening to guests both physical and virtual. Wishing all Ecovillage stakeholders success with demonstrating Findhornology in action: ie. the simultaneous harmonising of spiritual balance and of positive material results on this earthly sod.

Possible philosophy:

Peter didn’t act on his own; idem his co-founders. Together the aim was/is for groups of people to find & birth those common denominators in their own individualities that will further the effective manifestation of heavenly “Cities of Light”: things that support the process of “growing life” like individually & communally doing useful, invigorating & beautiful actions, enacting positive passions, willingness, insight, awareness and maturity. Of course the Founders’ 3fold Principle lies at the heart of this activity: 1-doing/ 2-right/ 3-by others… and here it is transliterated in some other beautiful words. Have a great and prospering year!