In 2022 there are many celebrations taking place in the Community, specifically

    • The Findhorn Foundation will be 50 on 9th May
    • The Community’s 60th Birthday which is on the 17th November 2022.

The community will use learnings from the lockdown and use live-streaming, hybrid events, videos &c., to weave the worldwide community into its local events.

The idea is to celebrate together!

From 12th – 20th November a vibrant festival is envisioned that connects the residential Community at the Park+Cluny+Erraid and around Findhorn/Forres with the global Network of Light. The Resource People of the Findhorn Foundation and Extended Findhorn Members are already planning celebration ‘pods’ to create connected events throughout the festival.

You as supporters of PET, the Park Ecovillage, Findhorncharity, are also invited to participate.

Here’s the first information:


Later, there’ll be more details on actual events and how to participate for those who live locally. If subscribed, keep an eye out in the “Rainbow Bridge” magazine and in NFA Announcements!

You can also connect via the dedicated 2022-Birthday Facebook page & blogpost. We’ll also be giving you the important updates as they become available.