PET has been “in business” since 2009. It was originally setup with one distinct purpose, namely to serve as the charitable vehicle for the provision of the “Findhorn Eco-Kit Project,” first throughout Morayshire and later overseas too. This was PET’s first manifestation of it’s Memorandum of Association. It has been manifesting successfully ever since.

Manifestation mechanism à la Findhorn?

Is the manifestation process simply one of problem resolution, rationally approached, chosen and executed step by step until fulfilled?

When Cornelia Featherstone was PETs Affordable Housing Director, a new Whins “section75” project was offered. “Manifesting” was high on the agenda. Take this, from the PETboard Minutes of 2016.09.13:

West Whins Affordables

The Board ratifies the list of provisos and therefore agrees to take on the West Whins project based on these provisos being met…

d) … develop a manifestation strategy – e.g. formulate vision, set out strategies to achieve it

e) … resource the manifestation strategy appropriately – this includes inner work, cooperative, effective information to the Board, personal and financial resources.”

Manifestation, which became fact at the WW tenants’ key-in-hand ceremony in December 2019, meant that PETs common “vision” had been brought to life through “individual inner work, co-operative, effective information” sharing, and “personal and financial resources”.

Courtesy if the Findhorn Foundation

Cornelia premised her PET and “Housing Project” work upon her understanding of the “Findhornian” manifestation dimension, as a 2016.07.26 paper on the subject states:

“I hope that the first bit of this is not either too general to be of use or teaching my grandma to suck eggs. And that the second bit does not strike you as just too general – there are folk at Findhorn who have much more knowledge and direct experience of community financial and social structures than I do. The key is to find a balance between what the individual gives to and what the individual receives from the collective on all levels — economic, social and environmental.


As everyone at Findhorn knows, the order of manifestation is:

(1) Creation of a group.

(2) Developing the bonding of that group around values and a vision for a project of service to the whole. If any members of the group cannot, in the light of attunement, release things they want or positions they have taken which do not further their ability to give that service, that will block progress towards manifestation.

(3) Defining what is to be manifested.

(4) Planning the practicalities.

So, there has to be a shared clarity, a collective will attuned to the Highest and the willingness to put egos into the service of the project rather than the self. I recall Stephen Field saying that we must work with small groups to enable them to understand that there is no need for fear, only a great sense of joy and responsibility, which cannot be built through pressure, will or force, but through vision and understanding and acceptance. Then freedom allows the taking up responsibility.

As I said on the phone, the watchwords might be:

– Blend and bond

– Cooperate

– Coordinate (the needs of all with a stake in the resources, process or outcome).

– Define

– Recognise (the value of what you are given and the calling to use it co-create something even better).


Financial and social structures, to be sustainable, must be the outcome of manifestation rightly worked and of inclusive attuned processes meeting the criteria outlined above. This might be seen as a more holisic or spiritually evolved expression of Freeman Dyson’s: “If a financial arrangement is to be durable, it must pay attention to both technical facts and ethical principles. Professionalism without morality is barbarous; morality without professionalism is impotent.””

Manifestation premises.

Generally, “open minded” people will agree on the following with regard to the Law of Attraction. There is the world of desires and then the world of reality; and “normal” people mostly live life believing these worlds can’t be bridged.

But anything that humans desire can manifest in reality![mfn]Werner Heisenberg, among others, interpreted the mathematics of Young’s “light is a wave and particle” experiment to mean that reality doesn’t exist until observed by one human. “The idea of an objective real world whose smallest parts exist objectively in the same sense as stones or trees exist, independently of whether or not we observe them … is impossible,” he wrote. John Wheeler, too, used a variant of the double-slit experiment to argue that “no elementary quantum phenomenon is a phenomenon until it is a registered (‘observed,’ ‘indelibly recorded’) phenomenon.”[/mfn] The core philosophy behind the concept is that our subconscious mind has tremendous power which, when harnessed, can help us realise the manifestion of all our thoughts. Heady and responsible stuff!

Remember when you woke up in a foul mood and thought something bad was going to happen, and then it actually did? Or when you wanted something from the bottom of your heart so much that you couldn’t stop thinking about it, and then you actually got it? Most of the time however, we shrug off these instances as just coincidences.

But any achievement is about a degree of concentration, really. When you give your mind something specific to focus on, it starts working subconsciously towards achieving that end. If you will keep changing your life’s focus you’ll not achieve anything specific. If you focus on negative ideas, you’ll fill your life with negativity. If you focus on positive ideas and positive thoughts, your life will be full of positivity and prosperity. It really is as simple as that: like the digital truism that says, what you put-in you get out…! Eileen and Peter Caddy and Dorothy Maclean were firm believers in, and successful practitioners of, the art of positive manifestation (David Spangler too).

So why do people fail to achieve their goals? The most important factor at play is the belief set that underpins our motivation for choosing certain goals.

Example of the real drivers* behind our motivations for acting as we do…

As some of us know at first hand, many fail even before they take the first step towards a goal because they don’t really believe that the goals can be manifest in reality anyway.

No goals will ever be achieved without the help of our subconscious*, which is infinitely more powerful than the conscious calculating mind that we normally use.[mfn] You’re in love, chatting, and sitting uncomfortably  — you’ll not be conscious of how long you sat so, except by your leg/back cramps when you want to move![/mfn] When we truly want something and focus our heart&mind on that desire/need/want, it’ll eventually penetrate into our subconscious. This is what successful application of thought power means. Once that happens our subconscious will start to work things out along the right lines for us if we allow it to. Therefore it is vital to get the following things right:

Build clarity in terms of visualisation. Focus requires precision; be clear about what is wanted. We really do get what drives our motivation, deep down. WYSIWYG should be presaged by “What You Believe Is…”[mfn]just as in horse back riding,where you look is where the horse goes: you move your head which shifts your weight, which changes the horse’s balance.[/mfn] If we struggle with building&holding a clear image in our mind’s eye we can practice journaling: daily writing about our deepest desires will give us the clarity of thought that we’re looking for, and recapping will show us over time how (im)precise our original wish-definition has been visavis our true wish by simply hind-seeing our own results.

Have faith and stay positive (over a long time) and chill out/don’t for gods’ sake “will.” People often complain that manifestation isn’t working for them. Well, it does but only when our heart&mind is relaxed&free of doubts and we have complete faith that existence gives us exactly what we ask for.

Be grateful. In the end, life’s all about being grateful for what we have been blessed with — as both pessimists unconsciously experience, and optimists consciously know. If we want something from existence then we need to be in “receiving mode.” Existence often blesses us immediately with the things that we ask for but we miss them because we are not receptive. “Gratefulness-first” gets us so in receiving mode that we can perceive that the loom of existence really has woven the tapestry of our lives up till now; and that it currently holds the warp threads of reality under tension to facilitate the interweaving of the weft threads of our dreams.

The message of manifestation?

It is accepting that every successful manifestation requires the synthesis of (1) material tension with (2) the flow of our “four energies”[mfn]Check out the following interesting articles: Dark energy: the limits of scienceNon-material energyWhy you should manage your energy not your timeEnergy (esotericism)[/mfn] while (3) being solely focused on righteous goals. This last demands a continuous re-tasking of our discombobulating thoughts, words and deeds, and the choice — in full awareness — of only allowing into our hearts&minds&bodies the highest quality of external inputs.[mfn]Alternative choices or actions should not be judged ‎according to so-called “morality,” but rather “functionality” – ie. does this work for The Highest Good, or not…?[/mfn]


To manifest the right things for our families, neighbourhoods, planet and thus for ourselves, we first need to know and properly review our own deepest beliefs. Good luck with that. Btw, there’s a quiet but very caring community out there ready to support you in this vital personal➡️world work, and who are actively cheering you on!

Happy Wesak tomorrow! It is one of the most important Buddhist festivals, celebrating Buddha’s birthday and, for