Happy Holidays! 11 July was World Population Day — a good time to think about the 80:20 population rule re. having enough money to (a) make “good” choices with, and (b) “make good” the glocal results of choices our pursuit of money has unwittingly helped to create.

A jumbo jet flight from London to New York adds about 200 metric tons[mfn]It’s about three times as heavy as The Space Shuttle. (The weight of The Space Shuttle is about 71 tonnes, or Endeavour, a.k.a. OV-105, a.k.a. Orbiter Vehicle-105, empty weight excluding main engines…[/mfn] of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Divided between 349 passengers (84% occupancy) that’s 572 kg each[mfn]It’s about one-third as heavy as a Car. The weight of a Car is about 1,652 kilograms (for a 2009 Ford Taurus, curb weight[/mfn]. But Business Class passengers take up more space than Economy Class, and First Class passengers even more space. Good to know, right!? There’s more:


Why do we do it? Again&again? “Desiring to Please” whom?

So, please remember to make your well deserved holiday as globally healthy as possible too:

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