“Classical” businesses are starting to talk more about the opportunity profit in “culture” over that of “cost accounting”. 2blogs ago we looked at the idea of “true cost” calculation.[mfn]https://parkecovillagetrust.co.uk/2022/08/nuts-and-fruitcakes/[/mfn]

Even the Park Ecovillage at Findhorn is studying the possibilities of larger scale food&energy production, in line with their enlightened “0carbon30” goal.

I came across a fascinating YouTube video on this subject that I want to share. How does it link to PET’s activities? Via Carbon Strategy, Caring Community (healthful people+healthful planet+healthful/”enough” profit), and Housing (wood for construction in managed woods). I believe you’ll find it a real education, a joy and very inspirational investment of 52 valuable minutes.