Hello there wonderful supporters of community wellbeing at the Findhorn Ecovillage Community.

The CCC is on Facebook!

Here’s the URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/579850887019766

It’s a practical medium, so check it out&join: you can then hear about the help community members require via our Coordinator.

click the image for specific ccc-donation goals

Get notified of real people’s needs in realtime so you can HELP in action in realtime by giving of your energy, time and/or money support!

Thanks in advance for making “the magic[mfn]bringing heaven to earth…[/mfn] happen” from truly grateful Community members , from less stretched fellow volunteers, your CCCoordinator and the CCC-Management Committee .


#1 The CCC is a free service given by a few volunteers.

#2 All (minimal) cos£s involved — eg. the CCCoordinator, Coord.assistant, mobile & zoom subscriptions, &c. — are paid for only by your donations and by grant funding. So your HELP in action is really needed!

#3 For a quick&simple donation to the CCC right now, click here.

Thanks a million!