Light of Findhorn Sanctuary Blessing @AuroraFindhorn

Light of Findhorn Sanctuary blessing
1st October 2023

Kathy Tyler led us in blessing the site where the new sanctuary will stand.


Light of Findhorn Sanctuary Blessing @AuroraFindhorn

Eileen, Peter, Dorothy and Lena all followed a Golden Thread, possibly for many lifetimes to bring Findhorn in to Being. And we all share some of this spiritual DNA with them, and with all who have come to be touched by the Light of Findhorn.

And, you have been walking a path. It started a long time ago – knowingly and unknowingly you have followed your Golden Thread as it weaves through your spiritual journey and brings you here today.

Let the memories arise, where you first became aware of Findhorn being animated as part of your life’s journey. When you first heard of Findhorn.

It is woven throughout your story. Sometimes there may have been seeming detours. But all of which brings you back to the essential nature of the Sacred Path you walk, and the seeking of a truth beyond and above your mind.

Light of Findhorn Sanctuary Blessing @AuroraFindhorn

The Golden Thread stands for the soul’s knowledge of our intrinsically unfolding Sacred Self and connection with a Great Mystery. And, here at this time, all our paths have lead us to being here together today.

Feel the richness of your relationship to your Golden Thread – your Sacred Path. Feel it in all of us who stand here together today.

Open your eyes and let yourself see through the knowing this is true.

All the memories, mysteries, and magnificent moments collected in our hearts that are the embodied expression of the Essence of Findhorn that we each bring here, now to bless the ground where the new Sanctuary is being born.

Light of Findhorn Sanctuary Blessing @AuroraFindhorn

And, welcome this Being as the Light of Findhorn Sanctuary begins to come into its new physical Presence over the next months. As it lives in and through our hearts – it has a home here on Earth for all to enter and animate the Golden Thread of the Sacred Journey of life.

We welcome the Landscape Angel – the local representative of Gaia that reaches up though the Earth at this very point and the Angel of Findhorn – the Cosmic Presence as it reaches down thru time and space at this very point.

Charging the Light of Findhorn Sanctuary with their Global intent to further the Sacred relationships with all life – seen and unseen. Known and unknown.

Light of Findhorn Sanctuary Blessing @AuroraFindhorn

May the Light of Findhorn Sanctuary be a place where each and everyone is welcome and may the Love of the Sacred prevail in all Hearts that enter into its inner sanctum.

Kathy Tyler

Many thanks to Mark Richards @AuroraFindhorn for use of his photographs of the blessing of the Light of Findhorn Sanctuary