Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing FAQ’s

Is property available at the ecovillage?

Section75 properties (“affordable Housing”) are made available to community members on a permanent basis via the Park Ecovillage, FindhornLand & Housing Trust and their Allocations Policy.

Land & Housing Trust, set up in partnership with other community stakeholders, aims to:

  • Obtain amenity land to be held for collective benefit;
  • Obtain finance to support those in housing need;
  • Own affordable housing that can be rented or held in shared ownership;
  • Provide policies so that allocations of housing support can be undertaken in an open, transparent and inclusive manner according to various agreed criteria.

The L&HT Allocations Policy1 has the details. This sets the criteria for application for housing support awards that applies to all housing support.

Each cluster of housing has its own Housing Support Policy, which sits under this allocations policy and covers what type of housing support is available.

Housing support opportunities are available from time to time.

Currently available accommodation at the Park is listed every week in the Ecovillage’s publication “Rainbow Bridge.” Electronic subscriptions are available from [email protected]If you are looking for a property, we suggest you subscribe to get a sense of what’s possible.

Help us build more community affordable housing

Help us to repay our loans faster, freeing up revenues for building more affordable community housing.