Carbon Calculator

Measure your carbon lifestyle and learn about your carbon footprint. Park Ecovillage Trust has a carbon calculation software that you can use.  The calculator gives you an opportunity to measure and offset your emissions. You can choose one or several tabs to offset. The tab Results give you the total emissions. Keep a copy of your annual results so you can compare your emissions from year to year and see how your lifestyle footprint is less and less dependent on fossil fuel.

The average UK emission is about 10 ton CO2e. What is yours?

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Use our official calculator below if you want to calculate your carbon emissions. If you’ve done your own calculation or want to offset a ‘random’ amount, please use this form.

Before you fill it in though, do check out the detailed offset project pages so that you know which project you would like to support.

Sorry – if you are using a mobile device please use in landscape mode rather than portrait to enable you to fully view the calculator

After having calculated your emissions you can chose among different projects for offsetting

Calculate your carbon footprintCalculator licensed to Park Ecovillage Trust by  carbon footprint ltd.
Carbon Footprint software is PET’s preferred tool to help raise awareness, measure emissions, reduce costs and raise engagement in the Findhorn Ecovillage Community’s carbon management program. A leading & authoritative calculation package that is also easy to use, it has well over 1,000,000 users worldwide. Checked regularly as part of a Quality Assurance Scheme, we are assured the software is always up to date and accurate (unlike stand-alone off-line systems).