Below are the quarterly updated Carbon Offset results of the Findhorn Ecovillage Community, from the start of PET’s Offset Service in December 2017. (Please note our Financial Year runs from 1April-31March.)

A big thank you to all who have offset their carbon emissions through our service. This is one of those personal actions you CAN/ought to tell your friends & colleagues about — it’s for a pretty cool cause!

NB. you don’t have to be physically IN the Park Ecovillage, Findhorn to show&share your CARE in action — calculate your carbon emissions, submit your offset describing yourself as “other (non-res)”.


Since 221016 we’ve got 3 new projects and 2 further expanding existing ones (Amazon Preservation and Indian Windfarm). Check them out (linked below), and do offset your CO2e emissions: “it’s probably the best value4money purchase in the world!”©

Thanks for caring!





  1. above results to 18 October 2022.
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