November 17th sees the Findhorn Foundation celebrating its 57th birthday. On such occasions we often reexamine our convictions in light of their fruits — the truth of how things are. Here are a few reflections inspired by words spoken to Eileen Caddy, and of her co-founders Peter Caddy and Dorothy Maclean.[vertical-spacer]

  1. common ground of the Findhorn Foundation

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    The Still, Small Voice within said to Eileen Caddy: “Hold ever before you the vision of the new Heaven and new Earth.”

    ‘Heaven’ manifested upon planet earth. What does heaven look like? What essentials/essences will renew the bits of the Earth which we are (un)wittingly stewarding? One such is even more SERVICE.

    This is the concept behind PET, its associates & members, and the ideas they manifest: doing successful social, environment and well-being development differently. Originally given to Eileen, we too are in  receipt of the invitation to “dedicate yourself [to the service of Spirit], and to the service of humanity. Service is a wonderful healer, for as you forget yourself in service, you will find you will grow and expand in the most wonderful way. You will reach great heights and plumb great depths, and your love and understanding of Life will begin to mean something to you. This day will afford you countless opportunities for stretching and growing. Accept each one with a heart filled with love and gratitude, and feel yourself growing in consciousness and in wisdom. Live it fully and abundantly with no restrictions, no limitations. Expect only the very best in everything and everyone, and see it come forth. Keep your heart open to one another. Look for the highest good in each other, and work from that higher level of consciousness. Encourage one another in every way possible; every soul needs encouragement. You will find as you help others, you help yourself to grow at the same time.”  Opening Doors Within[vertical-spacer]

  2. Peter Caddy was known for giving the following advice: “to make the best of any situation you should love where you are, love who you’re with, and love what you do.”

    The difficulty is that the sort of service required sometimes doesn’t quite match our own calculation of how we could be of most service… In this case MODESTY could be essential for us.

    The programs and projects that PET engages in are pretty elementary for any ecovillage — community development, protection and improvement. However most donors, members and associates don’t understand that only by bundling their individual actions together multiplies the effective manifestation of a Whole vibrant Community — socially, environmentally and its well-being too. This is LOVE in action where ‘love’ is a verb. Not a reply to past hurts with barriers, but one which unifies and extends good will. ‘Modesty’ becomes still more comprehensible when we realise we’re being invited to perceive the Wholeness already present in all of nature, all people and all relationships; by expecting “… your every need to be met, expect the answer to every problem, expect abundance on every level, expect to grow spiritually. You are not living by human laws. Expect miracles and see them take place. Hold ever before you the thought of prosperity and abundance and know that doing so sets in motion forces that will bring it into being.” Opening Doors Within[vertical-spacer]

  3. Dorothy Maclean says: “When a smile touches our hearts. When the forest stills us to peace. When music moves us to rapture. When we really love, laugh or dance with joy, we are at one with the Angels.”

    Really is the operative word, because only we can define and manifest what the “highest” and “best” is for ourselves alone. PET’s aim is to practically reflect its motto CARE in action. The human desire to be deeply touched, stilled and moved charges us to TRUST to our highest Self‘s abilities, to others’ highest Self and to Life, all without reservation. According to the Still, Small Voice within, the way to do this is to “concentrate on the wonders and joys of this life, and accept the very best which is your true heritage. It is not being an ostrich, afraid of life and not facing it. It is seeing the reality of this glorious life which is yours, and in doing so, helping to bring it about. The more clearly you can see it, the more quickly will it come about.” Opening Doors Within [vertical-spacer]

Vision in action

“Your vision,” wrote Carl Jung, “will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” Principled action often means relative discomfort, as each of the co-founders’ stories show. However as Thomas Merton wrote: “it is in this loneliness[mfn] referring to our own, personal responsibility to actively self-examine; Jung’s “looking inside.” And in another sense, actively perceiving is serving the ‘Perfection’ that only=already exists in all we relate to… so that service itself is MEDITATION in action![/mfn] that the deepest activities begin. It is here that you discover act without motion, labour that is profound repose, vision in obscurity, and, beyond all desire, a fulfilment whose limits extend to infinity.” New Seeds of Contemplation
Just a little clarity of true Vision, and you know the need and the energy to see it fulfilled.

Obviously there are different degrees of fulfilment. The Still, Small Voice within advises: “do not just talk about the new heaven and new earth; it is up to you to bring it down into your life to make it reality.[mfn] So that we are not asked to make humanity divine by human standards, but rather to be what we already are: divine.[/mfn] Do not talk about love and loving; live it so that all can see what it means. Words without actions are meaningless and useless. They are like hot air that evaporates into nothingness. You are to bring down My kingdom on earth by the way you live and behave, so your life is an example, a joyous example, which all will want to follow. No one wants to go through life overburdened, lacking joy and spontaneity. Blessed is that person who brings joy to those souls who are burdened and lack sparkle in life. Cast all your burdens upon Me, and bring joy and freedom to all those souls you contact. Be joy and inspiration, and reflect Me in all that you do, say and think. Be at perfect peace as you do My will and walk in My ways, glorifying Me.” Opening Doors Within

On this note, Happy Birthday Findhorn Foundation! Thank you for your continued example of PEACE and JOY in action. And thank you of course to the co-Founders, for your VISION in actionan ever renewing inspiration![vertical-spacer]

PET’s 2019/20 CARE in action spans the following projects and programs: supporting Dorothy’s care at home, offering a Carbon Emission Calculator and Offsetting service, and preparing our latest affordable Housing construction project North Whins. Thank you, supporters, for your timely DONATIONs in action!

*Opening Doors Within[mfn] here’s a 1m35s youtube clip[/mfn] can be purchased at the Phoenix Shop or online.