[vertical-spacer] In the spirit of the season we want to thank you for your ongoing support for our work here.

That includes:

        • Superintending our 10 affordable housing properties in the East and West Whins, and fundraising & building another 8 units in North Whins next year.
        • Manifesting the funds for a Caring Community Coordinator who will be hired in the New Year to attend to those of us in need of medical &/or just personal attention.  This includes our beloved co-founder Dorothy Maclean whose 24 hour 24/7 caring regime requires ongoing financial support. Donations welcome!
        • Revising the PET website to make it more user friendly, especially for those wishing to donate &/or to offset either holiday travels or yearly carbon footprints.  This could be your contribution to the sustainability of both the community and the planet!
        • Persuading the Community Collaboration Circle to consider an ecovillage wide commitment to become Carbon Neutral by 2030.
        • Preparing a first step application to the National Lottery for a community climate action grant to pilot this project over an initial period of 18 months (see final draft).
        • Welcoming the imminent return of Goran Wiklund and Amanda Haworth from Sweden and their recurring assessment of our annual community carbon footprint.

Findhorn Ecovillage Community

Wishing you all a very holy Solstice &/or a very merry Christ-mass &/or a very Happy New Year from all of us.

Yours truly.

Roger Doudna, Cornelia Featherstone, Fasil Bogale, Marcus Lindner and Amanda Haworth, Directors,
ably assisted by Stephen Couling, Charlotte Goodwin, Paddy Atkinson and Bert Meyer.