Wellbeing together

Finally a useful list to encourage social development and environmental protection and improvement, and wellbeing: practicing community in action! It's amazing what the Park Ecovillage, Findhorn is itself already doing; and more amazing and inspiring what is becoming mainstream practice! Let's expand our efforts step by step. For every individual

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Brave new world

Lately I came across an article about a (materially)  successful man with a disability. He links the global game-changing Pandemic reaction of learning-/working-from-home[mfn]eg., there have been people asking for remote work for decades. Also people with disabilities, whether that's someone who struggles to get to an office due to mobility

Founding principals

In 4.5years with the Foundation, I was always struck by older Ecovillage members' different -- not always positive -- remembrances of practical encounters with the founders' M.O.'s. But even saints[mfn]like me [/mfn] aren't perfect! This year I'm lumping (with all possible respect) my own understandings about them into one 'anniversary

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Issue Resolution is the same for individuals, groups and the planet. And resolutions can only begin when we start taking personal responsibility for understanding (1) how the local world really works, (2) the true worth of life's life&death challenges, and (3) the value of improving the knock-on effects of our