Efficient cookstoves Uganda

Located in Kampala, UpEnergy’s stoves replace primarily the traditional three-stone fires. Since it was founded, UpEnergy has served over 125,000 Ugandans. The environmental impact is considerable, with 30,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided and over 120,000 trees saved thus far. The households we serve save several hours per day through

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Wind turbines Mauritania

A country in North West Africa, despite an abundance of natural resources, Mauritania remains poor, and is classified as a Least Developed Country by the United Nations. The country's economy is based on agriculture and livestock. Energy is produced mostly via fossil fuels and through imports. The Nouakchott plant is

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Solar power India

The project involves installation and operation of 56.25 MW (16.25 MW and 40 MW) solar power project in the village of Hoti in Medak, in the state of Telangana and the Sengottai in Virudhunagar in Tamil Nadu. The purpose of the project activity is to generate power using renewable energy

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PET has been "in business" since 2009. It was originally setup with one distinct purpose, namely to serve as the charitable vehicle for the provision of the "Findhorn Eco-Kit Project," first throughout Morayshire and later overseas too. This was PET's first manifestation of it's Memorandum of Association. It has been

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Hello valued reader! April sees PET's new Financial Year beginning. "April Fools" rang in the month, and today is the International Day of Creativity & Innovation. Linking these diverse bits of info to PET's vision, which is "to encourage social development, environmental protection and improvement, and wellbeing in the whole

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The scale of change needed in today’s world requires creativity at the same level, a new model and self-leadership with hard&soft skills that seem polar opposites. Being technology-savvy while also deeply aware of natural & human systems and psychology; courageous, but humble enough to deeply listen and change course if

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Medicine in kind

PET is about protection AND improvement — environmentally, socially and re. well-being. The last two are being put to a heavy test in these days, interestingly to the advantage of the first... We're all responding quite positively: the air's full of official, sensible Do's & Don'ts; organisations (including us) are

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we support Dorothy

[widgets_on_pages id="dorothy donfm button"] Dorothy Maclean, spiritual teacher and author, died March 12 2020. We'd like to thank all of you who have made donations to the Dorothy Care Fund. Donations via the below form continue to be welcome, and will now support other Findhorn Ecovillage clients of the Community

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North Whins story

In 2019 we actively started to plan for a cluster of 8 "Section75" (affordable housing) flats on the North Whins (NW) site of Duneland, in the Findhorn Ecovillage. Here's the timeline! Duneland's North Whins proposal approved by Moray Council on 20 August 2019. oct/19: PET NW affordable Housing is now

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Barriers to change

Extrapolate the object of the below blog — organisational development — onto any sustainability project you like¹, and you will have 5 strategic areas to focus on. https://corporate-rebels.com/moss-kanter/ ¹ eg: developments in community culture, housing, carbon footprint, finances, and hey, why not even personal development!

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New projects ideas and reducing risk

As an innovator & entrepreneur your #1 task is to reduce the risk and uncertainty of new business ideas before you invest big and scale ... ... test desirability, viability, and feasibility. That gives us three major areas of uncertainty: Do customers want it (desirability), can we build & implement

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