PET has been "in business" since 2009. It was originally setup with one distinct purpose, namely to serve as the charitable vehicle for the provision of the "Findhorn Eco-Kit Project," first throughout Morayshire and later overseas too. This was PET's first manifestation of it's Memorandum of Association. It has been

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Hello valued reader! April sees PET's new Financial Year beginning. "April Fools" rang in the month, and today is the International Day of Creativity & Innovation. Linking these diverse bits of info to PET's vision, which is "to encourage social development, environmental protection and improvement, and wellbeing in the whole

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Medicine in kind

PET is about protection AND improvement — environmentally, socially and re. well-being. The last two are being put to a heavy test in these days, interestingly to the advantage of the first... We're all responding quite positively: the air's full of official, sensible Do's & Don'ts; organisations (including us) are

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Barriers to change

Extrapolate the object of the below blog — organisational development — onto any sustainability project you like¹, and you will have 5 strategic areas to focus on. ¹ eg: developments in community culture, housing, carbon footprint, finances, and hey, why not even personal development!

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New projects ideas and reducing risk

As an innovator & entrepreneur your #1 task is to reduce the risk and uncertainty of new business ideas before you invest big and scale ... ... test desirability, viability, and feasibility. That gives us three major areas of uncertainty: Do customers want it (desirability), can we build & implement

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New projects & value creation

So simple and very interesting was a blog in the Harvard Business Review (Edmundson & Verdin 9Nov2017), that I add some bits of it here. I feel the information is very important for new and up&running projects and programs to take into consideration. We're all creatures of habit. We all

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Keeping up with the Joneses

When looking at any way forward, I have two choices: "More of the Same" — movement not progress restructuring, investment in HRactivities, focus on more productivity and less costs, or "Guts & Will & Faith" in the collective ability to transcend the mundane by harmonising the demands of common sense

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Sustainable leadership: the three types of resilience you need | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian

Resilience is the capacity for adapting to – and surviving – radically changing circumstances. This includes anything from climate change and economic collapse to the threat of international terrorism and pandemic disease. To meet these challenges sustainably, leaders must cultivate three types of resilience. Personal, group and global resilience. Personal

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Spirit at work

Paper for the Living Spirit Conference, University of Surrey, Guildford, England, July 22-24 2002 by Robin Alfred, with Robin Shohet of the Findhorn Consultancy Service Developing Practical Spirituality in the Workplace It seems that all the overripe hierarchies of the world, from corporations to nation states, are in trouble and are

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be a stubborn optimist: Christiana Figueres

Figueres is a prominent leader with remarkable experience of bringing together a global agreement from 195 countries. Reflecting on leadership, Figueres believes that, in the same way that we have more distributed knowledge (through digitalization) and are increasingly seeing more distributed energy, so too shall we move towards a world with more

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