CCC summer’23

Dates for your diary in case you are able to join in: For more detailed info on any of the below, please contact: [email protected] or via the CCC.Facebook: . This Thursday 8/06, 11am to 12:30pm - upper level of Phoenix Cafe I will be hoping to meet folk who

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CaringC in action

Wonder what the CCC does in practice? One of its aims is to create a Caring Community Culture to develop and support social capacities (e.g. behaviour, awareness, convention) and infrastructures (e.g. networking, communication, ‘joined-up’ policies) One way of developing social capacities in the Park Ecovillage, Findhorn is by the interactive real-time

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AGM re. FY21/2

PET members are cordially invited to join with colleagues and PETdirectors for the Annual General Meeting 11 May 2022 @ 19.00-20.00hrs via Zoom Topic: state of the company as of end March 2022. Please mark your diaries accordingly. Members will receive the AGM-zoom link closer to the time. The Annual

CCCmc members

The Caring Community Circle (CCC) is in need of two or three people to join our team on the Management Committee (MC). We are looking for people who have an interest and passion for serving others. Mission To hold awareness of the needs of people of all ages in the

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We trust this finds you well. Just a few points: * 11/2 marked PETs 14th birthday! To see what we've done in the Ecovillage click here. * 11/2 also marked the opening of the WOODSIDE, north whins, affordable housing allocation process for 4weeks. Click here for the latest photos. *

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Flooding CO2emissions

On the initiative of the World Weather Attribution (WWA), an international team has made a first attribution study to answer the question whether the risk of severe weather due to climate change, such as the heavy rainfall of 14 and 15 July, has increased. The floods started in the United

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Grand Garden Gathering

Lockdown is easing and we're unbubbling at the Park. On Saturday, September 18 from 11am until 5pm, the Findhorn Foundation, NFA and Ecologia are co-organising a joyous coming together of everyone in the community for a party! It is a chance for us all to celebrate together, especially since the

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Connexions ‘r us

How's this for coincidence, in light of the previous posts on glocal interrelationships, PETs carbon offset strategy for emitters here in Scotland: an article came out mid July about more needed farming support for India, via among other things more, clean & cheaper energy. This is one of PETs 4 non-UK

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Carbon bites – CO2 assessment

Time to measure our carbon footprints again. The Collaboration Circle wants Park Ecovillage, Findhornto become carbon neutral by 2030. It is an ambitious goal that runs parallel with the carbon target recently announced by Moray Council. The first step will be a study over two years to see if such

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Hip hip…

Today is the Findhorn Ecovillage Community's 58th birthday. Many happy returns! As you know the Community was unintentionally founded by Eileen and Peter Caddy and Dorothy Maclean in 1962. All three had dedicated themselves to following a disciplined spiritual path for many years. Eileen received guidance in her meditations from

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