Wellbeing together

Finally a useful list to encourage social development and environmental protection and improvement, and wellbeing: practicing community in action! It's amazing what the Park Ecovillage, Findhorn is itself already doing; and more amazing and inspiring what is becoming mainstream practice! Let's expand our efforts step by step. For every individual

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Behind food & energy

February is a brilliant month: New Year's resolutions are really put to the test, 4/2 World Cancer Day, 6-12/2 International Development Week, 14/2 St Valentine's Day, 20/2 World Day of Social Justice, 22/2 World Thinking Day, and 27/2 World NGO Day, among others... They all highlight an attitude desperately needed

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Green(house) living

Soaring house prices, energy prices and food prices. Questionable building construction quality (except of course in PETs affordable units ), questionable energy availability and supermarket food quality, and v.questionable economic sanity. What to do? There's talk in the community about studying affordable housing&energy together in one project: ie. living in

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Food dis$e¢ted

According to Plato, "the root and stem of all evil is ignorance." So here's some info about where our food money goes to: "farm2fork" in reverse.[mfn]How can I act sustainably if my body-mind isn't thinking&self-caring sustainably too: What You Believe Is WYSIWYG...[/mfn] From the below report's foreword: "... Our work

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Beauty and the beast

On the pandemic and post-Cop27 subject of putting the case for positive behavioural change, here's a short article about a vital component of the fourth step to changing things (change step#1 see a problem #2 decide to resolve it #3 look for possible solutions #4 choose the most effective one).

Crisis? Whither the crisis?

Who can seriously say "Crisis? What crisis?" anymore? However you and I do have the choice of how we react to this state of affairs: re. community care, energy, transportation, GhGs, agriculture&food, &c.. Here's someone else's point of view about where2go from here. [vertical-spacer] (I just love their emag

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"Classical" businesses are starting to talk more about the opportunity profit in "culture" over that of "cost accounting". 2blogs ago we looked at the idea of "true cost" calculation.[mfn]https://parkecovillagetrust.co.uk/2022/08/nuts-and-fruitcakes/[/mfn] Even the Park Ecovillage at Findhorn is studying the possibilities of larger scale food&energy production, in line with their enlightened "0carbon30"

Nuts and fruitcakes?

Prince Charles is one of the champions of TruePricing[mfn]https://trueprice.org/consumer/[/mfn] (True Cost Accounting) and organic farming. In the past, he has made explicit statements about the need for True Cost Accounting tools. "We have to find a way of valuing in financial terms the increasing damage done to the earth’s life

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Fyi some tasty links harvested from our "food" blog category.[vertical-spacer]   # Food’s environmental impacts are created by millions of diverse producers. To identify solutions that are effective under this heterogeneity, the below report consolidated data covering five environmental indicators; 38,700 farms; and 1600 processors, packaging types, and retailers. Impact

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Firstly, Happy Easter season to you! In a rare conjunction, three major holidays of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are occurring at the same time this year. So why don't we emphasise the positive blessings of UNITY in a way which precludes just evangelism and one-way dialogue, but makes the most

Buy food locally

"Happy" COP26! Everybody. Buying local produce (20-50km radius) is carbon emission decreasing, it's keeping disposable income within our local economy, it's investing in our own county. Is this new thinking? No. It was pre-industrial UK reality, and M.K. Gandhi successfully advocated the social, economic and political advantages of manufacturing &

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