Wellbeing together

Finally a useful list to encourage social development and environmental protection and improvement, and wellbeing: practicing community in action! It's amazing what the Park Ecovillage, Findhorn is itself already doing; and more amazing and inspiring what is becoming mainstream practice! Let's expand our efforts step by step. For every individual

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Brave new world

Lately I came across an article about a (materially)  successful man with a disability. He links the global game-changing Pandemic reaction of learning-/working-from-home[mfn]eg., there have been people asking for remote work for decades. Also people with disabilities, whether that's someone who struggles to get to an office due to mobility

How green’s my consumption?

Let's be honest: how small is our consumption-GHG footprint really? "En pointe" or is it a smidge more elephantine? ... And not compared to past 'achievements,' our neighbour or some government thought up target, but compared to where it should be? You & I really ought to know our footprint

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Carbon Footprint assessment 2022

It's with great pleasure that PET can announce completion of our 2022 Carbon Footprint analysis for The Park Ecovillage, Findhorn. This report will form the basis of our future work towards becoming a Net Zero Community. Click the image to download the assessment. Or you can read it online,

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CO2 emissions up!

[vertical-spacer] By the by, there's a fascinating bit on statistical greenwishy-washery in this interesting piece, under the heading: "Don’t get fooled by per capita emissions"... Aha-erlebnis perhaps?

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Behind food & energy

February is a brilliant month: New Year's resolutions are really put to the test, 4/2 World Cancer Day, 6-12/2 International Development Week, 14/2 St Valentine's Day, 20/2 World Day of Social Justice, 22/2 World Thinking Day, and 27/2 World NGO Day, among others... They all highlight an attitude desperately needed

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Green(house) living

Soaring house prices, energy prices and food prices. Questionable building construction quality (except of course in PETs affordable units ), questionable energy availability and supermarket food quality, and v.questionable economic sanity. What to do? There's talk in the community about studying affordable housing&energy together in one project: ie. living in

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Food dis$e¢ted

According to Plato, "the root and stem of all evil is ignorance." So here's some info about where our food money goes to: "farm2fork" in reverse.[mfn]How can I act sustainably if my body-mind isn't thinking&self-caring sustainably too: What You Believe Is WYSIWYG...[/mfn] From the below report's foreword: "... Our work

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[ycd_countdown id=16765] It seems that more&more (mostly non-governmental) entities are becoming serious about using the above as their GhG-emission reference point. Happy New Year! Currently, the Earth is already about 1.1°C warmer than it was in the late 1800s, and emissions continue to rise. To keep global warming to no

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Beauty and the beast

On the pandemic and post-Cop27 subject of putting the case for positive behavioural change, here's a short article about a vital component of the fourth step to changing things (change step#1 see a problem #2 decide to resolve it #3 look for possible solutions #4 choose the most effective one).

Crisis? Whither the crisis?

Who can seriously say "Crisis? What crisis?" anymore? However you and I do have the choice of how we react to this state of affairs: re. community care, energy, transportation, GhGs, agriculture&food, &c.. Here's someone else's point of view about where2go from here. [vertical-spacer] (I just love their emag

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