Brave new world

Lately I came across an article about a (materially)  successful man with a disability. He links the global game-changing Pandemic reaction of learning-/working-from-home[mfn]eg., there have been people asking for remote work for decades. Also people with disabilities, whether that's someone who struggles to get to an office due to mobility

How green’s my consumption?

Let's be honest: how small is our consumption-GHG footprint really? "En pointe" or is it a smidge more elephantine? ... And not compared to past 'achievements,' our neighbour or some government thought up target, but compared to where it should be? You & I really ought to know our footprint

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CO2 emissions up!

[vertical-spacer] By the by, there's a fascinating bit on statistical greenwishy-washery in this interesting piece, under the heading: "Don’t get fooled by per capita emissions"... Aha-erlebnis perhaps?

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[ycd_countdown id=16765] It seems that more&more (mostly non-governmental) entities are becoming serious about using the above as their GhG-emission reference point. Happy New Year! Currently, the Earth is already about 1.1°C warmer than it was in the late 1800s, and emissions continue to rise. To keep global warming to no

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Crisis? Whither the crisis?

Who can seriously say "Crisis? What crisis?" anymore? However you and I do have the choice of how we react to this state of affairs: re. community care, energy, transportation, GhGs, agriculture&food, &c.. Here's someone else's point of view about where2go from here. [vertical-spacer] (I just love their emag

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Fossil2new Fuel

How're things moving with you? Still constrained by the yoke of FF (fossil fuel) dependency? Sure you are; we all are somewhere along our life's value-chain. So, how to change this -- to become a more sustainable energy user? A pragmatic, real-change-method? Offsetting perhaps? And/Or you could consider If

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Knowing our limits

In 2022AD there are so many important survival issues requiring active & individual efforts to resolve them[mfn]PETs current operational areas: To encourage social development and environmental protection and improvement, and wellbeing in the whole Findhorn Ecovillage Community. See[/mfn] that it can be quite daunting -- if not downright paralysing!

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"Classical" businesses are starting to talk more about the opportunity profit in "culture" over that of "cost accounting". 2blogs ago we looked at the idea of "true cost" calculation.[mfn][/mfn] Even the Park Ecovillage at Findhorn is studying the possibilities of larger scale food&energy production, in line with their enlightened "0carbon30"

Hope of humankind

Which hope? "Community" or Hegel's "self as the will-to-power" in conflict with another's "will-to-power?" Individualism or communalism? A poignant discussion point in today's world: on the stages of the Ukraine & N.Korea, of ecovillages, family homes -- wherever individuals, desiring to gather together, choose to continue/slow down or even stop

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Firstly, Happy Easter season to you! In a rare conjunction, three major holidays of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are occurring at the same time this year. So why don't we emphasise the positive blessings of UNITY in a way which precludes just evangelism and one-way dialogue, but makes the most

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