CaringC in action

Wonder what the CCC does in practice? One of its aims is to create a Caring Community Culture to develop and support social capacities (e.g. behaviour, awareness, convention) and infrastructures (e.g. networking, communication, ‘joined-up’ policies) One way of developing social capacities in the Park Ecovillage, Findhorn is by the interactive real-time

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CCC on Facebook

Hello there wonderful supporters of community wellbeing at the Findhorn Ecovillage Community. The CCC is on Facebook! Here's the URL: It's a practical medium, so check it out&join: you can then hear about the help community members require via our Coordinator. click the image for specific ccc-donation goals

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On 10th July, the CCC hosted the historic "Findhorn Tea Party" with homebaked cake, to highlight the material supporters of its work and achievements to date. After the fact, CCC-Coordinator Laura Shreenan mused digitally: "First and foremost I would like to extend my personal deeply heartfelt gratitude to the people

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Thanks Fasil

PET's Finance Director Fasil Bogale, ACMA, CGMA is leaving Scotland to explore the wider world with his wife, Sally, and daughter Willow. After ten years of unstinting service to our organisation - a position for which he never accepted remuneration - PET releases Fasil with our warmest wishes that he

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CCCmc members

The Caring Community Circle (CCC) is in need of two or three people to join our team on the Management Committee (MC). We are looking for people who have an interest and passion for serving others. Mission To hold awareness of the needs of people of all ages in the

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Hello valued reader! April sees PET's new Financial Year beginning. "April Fools" rang in the month, and today is the International Day of Creativity & Innovation. Linking these diverse bits of info to PET's vision, which is "to encourage social development, environmental protection and improvement, and wellbeing in the whole

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Norms Values Ethics

Here's an overview of the values that inspire PET and which its associates -- volunteers and paid staff --, members and supporters subscribe to. This Code of Conduct informs the "how and what" that we do internally, externally, individually and together. [vertical-spacer] [vertical-spacer]Some background information: [vertical-spacer] [vertical-spacer]

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Community-self care

I came across two phrases while reading about the effects of the health crisis on the future of work: "... lightweight, personalised, distributed, and resilient..."  [re. organisational attributes; also topical for individuals]  "... building trust, valuing human skills, supporting mental and physical well-being, managing workloads, and having work spaces that

Donate your Skills & Time

In addition to financial management, a healthy NGO has [...] governance and leadership, clear strategic direction, high quality programme management with involvement of beneficiaries, effective human resources management, shared values and a conducive organisational - adjective - making a certain situation or outcome likely or possible.oxford.dictionaries.comA January 2017 Development Report

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